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Jack Lee

Discover 'The Dots - II,' Jack Lee's interactive art installation. Precision, polarised film, and servo motors craft dynamic waves, exploring human mobility. Custom designs available, dimensions variable.

In this art installation, the panels are precisely arranged and guided by servo motors controlled by a microcontroller. The panels' surfaces are coated with a delicate layer of polarised film, the same as the material of a specially designed face shield that the audience wears. As the panels rotate, the relative angle between the polarised film on the panels and the viewer's face shield changes. This change in angle alters the transmission of light through the panels, affecting their transparency. By manipulating the transparency and time difference of each dot, various dynamic effects will be shown. In this edition, more than 20 servos are aligned to form a rectangular display. As the panels gradually rotate, they create dynamic waves that move from side to side. This installation creates a sense of fluidity in the space, serving as a metaphor of the mobility of human activities.

Open for Commission: Custom designs available.

Dimensions variable.

Project Gallery

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