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Kyubin Hur

"We make conversations like we breathe..."

"Cupmmunication" focuses on the inherent activity of "communication" itself, which we consider as natural as breathing. It is inspired by personal experiences with language barriers and the challenges of communicating in a foreign language and different cultural backgrounds. Communication, often overlooked due to its ubiquitous nature, is the very essence of the project, aiming to bring awareness to this fundamental aspect of human interaction.

Through the use of cups and threads as symbolic representations, the project offers a tangible and visual interpretation of the complexities within human interaction. In order to visualise and materialise the intangible nature of communication, the characteristics of the symbolic objects are arranged by analysing and defining their meanings. Cups, symbolising mouths and ears, signify the individuality and personal connection inherent in communication, while threads act as lines of connection, representing the interplay and exchanges between communicators.

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