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Linye Pan

Linye’s latest jewellery collection Unexpected Scent, investigates the relationship between fragrance and jewellery design. A collection of wearable scented jewellery is made by combining scented materials that have everyday scents known to the public with metals.

Inspired by the Proust effect, Linye explores the world of scented jewellery and the

interaction between the audience and fragrances in her latest collection, “Unexpected

Scent”. The Proust effect refers to the sensory experience where a sudden whiff of a

familiar scent triggers involuntary memories. This sensation of memory being stimulated

by scents captivates Linye.

Through her research, Linye has discovered that pleasant and aromatic ingredients can evoke positive emotions. Many industries harness this fascinating olfactory transformation, offering consumers scents that engage their senses and provide emotional value that non-scented jewellery cannot replicate.

Linye creates innovative materials infused with everyday scents, seamlessly combining them with metals. Her artwork allows the audience to reexperience the Proust effect and unexpectedly immerse themselves in captivating olfactory encounters.

Linye's collection, “Unexpected Scent”, encourages active audience engagement, allowing them to bask in scents and momentarily “revisit” cherished memories. It also supports wearers in carrying scents that trigger unforgettable memories, enhancing their sensory experience and creating a personal and memorable connection.

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