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Repairing Fruits
"I have a dream of witnessing a world where all fruits retain their natural seeds and original appearance, preserving their intrinsic beauty and diversity."

The art of porcelain restoration has long been regarded as a crucial method for safeguarding our cultural heritage. In this meticulous process, shattered porcelain pieces are carefully reconstructed, maintaining their original patterns, and filling the voids with white material. The intention is not to adorn them further but rather to allow viewers to reconnect with the essence of their pristine form and allure.

The captivating theme of "Repairing Fruits" imbues the inherent fragility of porcelain into the realm of fruits, creating a mesmerising simulation of restoration after experiencing breakage. It symbolizes the delicate balance between human progress, science, and nature, reflecting how our relentless pursuit of scientific advancements has led to the asexual propagation and mass commercialization of fruits. As we stand at the apex of civilization, we have come to observe the world through a lens of dominion over the living beings that share this planet - animals, and even plants are not exempt from this gaze.

The thought-provoking art series showcases a variety of typical modified fruits, each telling a profound story. We encounter the melon, coerced into uniformity, losing its organic charm, and yielding to a calculated market demand that inflates its price. Then, there is the seedless pineapple, genetically altered to satisfy consumer preferences, but at the cost of relinquishing its natural pollination habits, potentially impacting the ecosystem it once coexisted with harmoniously. Finally, the once wild peach, now subjected to relentless hybridisation in pursuit of ultimate juiciness and flavour, yet at the expense of its untamed origins.

Amidst this contemplative exhibition, one cannot help but ponder the true essence of these fruits in their unaltered state. What were they like before our interventions? And as time passes, will these genetically modified fruits be lost to history, only to be rediscovered and revitalised by future generations seeking to reconnect with the authenticity of nature?

The "Repairing Fruits" art series serves as a powerful reminder of our responsibility as stewards of the environment and its inhabitants. It challenges us to reflect on the delicate balance between progress and preservation, urging us to seek harmony with nature rather than imposing our will upon it. Ultimately, it is an invitation to cherish the diverse beauty of our world's bounty, embracing the imperfections and wonders that nature bestows upon us.

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