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Panayiotis Panayi

These past couple of years have been hard on most of us. To people who are more outdoorsy it was like a never ending nightmare.

I like to spend time outside of the confines of my house. I usually go on long hikes to find mushrooms, I roam the forests, I go fishing on my boat. After a few months of online shopping, house renovating, mask making, indoor hobby mastering, hygiene pursuing, pilates starting, binge watching, gaming, pilates quitting, conspiracy theorizing and self hair cutting at the risk of sounding overly dramatic, I felt like I was rattling in my own coffin.

All that was left to me was my own isolation, my own staring of the Abyss.

This is a collection that came as a direct result of these feelings, all these ideas trapped in boxes isolated from the world. The straps for these pieces were created using real leather by my wife Victoria and they are one of the indoor hobby masterings I mentioned before. The idea is for people to wear these pieces with pride, to remember we are not creatures that can live without interacting with our tribe. That we need our people, whether they are friends, or family close to us. They are pieces celebrating our global Reunion.

This collection "Solitude" is made with stainless steel, metal paint, silver 925, leather.

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