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The number "7" is not just a digit; it's an integral facet of my identity.

As the embodiment of my birthday and my lucky number, "7" has transitioned through a kaleidoscope of colours, mirroring the phases of my life's journey.

From the age of 7 to 17, it exudes a rebellious black, symbolising youthful audacity and an unyielding spirit. This is the time when I started to craft my individuality, daring to push boundaries.

As life progressed from 17 to 27, "7" morphed into a tranquil blue, reflecting curiosity and a thirst for exploration. These years were marked by discovery, as I ventured into diverse territories, both in my career and personal life.

The transition to pink, between 27 and 37, heralds a more mature, purposeful stage in my life. Pink embodies gentleness and a deep sense of intention, mirroring my journey towards self-realisation.

Each colour encapsulates a distinct phase in my life. These transformations are not merely chromatic but reflect the evolution of my character, my aspirations, and my outlook. Through these colours, I invite you to delve into your own experiences and connect with the ever-changing hues of your life's journey.

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