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Uva Wang

This is a collection of digital art, which diverges from my proficiency in traditional painting, as I explore the realm of digital illustration.

The inspiration for this collection draws from various experiences in our daily lives. I’ve taken a whimsical and surreal approach to express these experiences. In each piece, I’ve intentionally introduced elements of noise, creating a heightened sense of unreality and intrigue. This artistic direction was also influenced by the inspiration I found at Blackdot Gallery, encouraging me to incorporate these point-like elements into my compositions.

The choice of the digital medium has allowed me to experiment with new techniques and possibilities, fostering a fresh perspective in my creative journey. I aim to push the boundaries of what is visually conceivable, creating thought-provoking pieces that encourage viewers to question the reality they perceive.

In these works, I seek to transport the audience to a world where the ordinary becomes

extraordinary, where the familiar is transformed into the surreal, inviting them to join me

on an imaginative journey. Each piece is a unique reflection of my experiences and

emotions, encapsulating a sense of wonder and curiosity. I hope viewers find these

creations as thought-provoking and intriguing as I did while bringing them to life.

Project Gallery

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