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Wanlie License

There are two identities living inside the physical me. One of the duo is blank, calm, logical, organized, and restricted; the other one is full, dramatic, emotional, chaotic, and free. I am intrigued and inspired by the process of uniting materials that have distinctive texture, color, toughness, and transparency, which enables me to express my dual identities, and helps me visualize the growth of a newborn from an ambiguous seed to a matured form.

I am drawn to microscopic structures of living forms. The idea that how creatures are perceived by human eyes could be entirely different from the imagery revealed by a microscope, makes me ponder whether I am able to capture the reality of anything merely through direct observation and visual reproduction. I begin researching the expansive subject of microscopy from an origin point of cell, while reflecting on what composes my flesh and bone. Instead of depicting the familiar human form that is exposed to naked eyes, I choose to present the imagined segments, altered versions, and memorized episodes of human form from a cell perspective, which are processed by the microscope in my head.

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