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Yiling Wu

“I certainly love to see the freedom and breathing spaces while creating my embroidery pieces.”

Yiling draws inspiration from the beauty of nature, cultural traditions, and pressing social issues. Her artistic focus centers on pushing the boundaries of 2D and 3D embroidery. She dedicates herself to experimenting with diverse techniques, combining a variety of materials, digital embroidery skills, and hand beading methods to craft her distinctive style of embroidery.

“Everyone could somehow find their own inner peace in my embroidery.”

Yiling's works embody a conceptual and minimalistic approach, providing a glimpse into her unique perspective of the world and vivid imagination, all intricately woven into her embroidery. With every stitch, she shares her profound aspirations.

“Embroidery should be one-of-a-kind.”

Rather than producing repetitive pieces, Yiling revels in crafting embroidery that bears its own individuality and charm, each with its own set of intricate details

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