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Dive into a world of intricate brooches by Yiwen Zhang, drawing inspiration from Edvard Munch's exploration of life's complexities in vibrant enamel hues.

In this series of brooches I attempted to explore the multi-faceted nature of objects. The project start from my interpretation of Edvard Munch's oil paintings, in which he used rich colours to depict the negative aspects of people's lives and psychological state in the late 19th century, and I realised that some "dark" facts could be considered from a different perspective (more relieved aspect). So I made a set of brooches with enamel in a rich colour palette, the visual elements of the brooches came from my research on the real life "dilemma" of the people in the late 19th century, to explore the many facets of the "dark" things.

Project Gallery

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