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All of my imagination and fascination came from layered and/or distorted light and shadow cast on various surfaces, which sometimes tricks you into illusion. To realize the beautiful contrast, I need glass, the material that changes its shape so easily with the heat that I’d forget that most of the time, it is still and hard object.

I’ve always been attracted by glass as a material as it easily blurs the line between the visible and the invisible. When there is glass, for example a sheet of glass in the window frame, we see the things behind it without paying so much attention to the existence of the glass window but once there is a reflection of light, raindrops or even some cracks on the glass it suddenly becomes a concrete material that exists before the eyes. Glass itself is a mysterious and ambiguous material, changing its visibility depending on the shape, color, and context, which gives me a lot of room to explore and play with the question, “what do we really see?”

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