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Moru Wu

The material uses a self-developed metal alloy to convert the physical effects of the metal to make it brittle and cracked. The result of mixing different formulations of metal affects the texture of the material, making it unique, and achieving a special texture effect by melting and destroying the surface of metal until the cracks appeared.

Between the exploration and experiment of the texture, I was fascinated by the physical state and chemical reaction of metal, Just like human skin, which will cause aging and wrinkles. It is a kind of material that can breathe. I also like to continually experiment and break through the boundaries of metal processing through such characteristics. During an experiment, I discovered the crack effect that metal can produced. After thousands of experiments and seeking answers in various failures. I have certain control in developed and applied cracks effect in metal craft. Then I tried to control the texture that each metal alloy with different proportions appeared, and accurately controlled the texture result of each production. Implemented the goals in my heart, strive for metal innovation and breakthrough in contemporary technology and gradually develop it in different form categories such as jewelry, objects and sculptures. I hope that this technology will be exposed and mature through relevant competitions or exhibitions around the world in the future. This will be the most meaningful for me in the field of metal craft technology.

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