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Yuwei Qian

In today's digital age, electronic devices offer convenience and entertainment, but excessive attachment to mobile phones leads to time wastage and disconnection.

This project uses beads to symbolise pixels and data in electronic devices, aiming to raise awareness of phone dependency and promote balance in life. It explores what people see when using phones, including reflections and surroundings, offering beaded screens for iPhones to redirect attention. By prompting observation of the beaded screen, it aims to reduce screen time and encourage mindfulness. Warning icons remind people to observe the world instead of relying on devices, while replacing app notifications with labels discourages unnecessary checks. Misspelt word notifications remind users not to rely solely on auto-complete. Designs for Apple Watch incorporate elements of time confusion, reminding wearers not to be slaves to their phones. Beaded covers for the Apple Watch screen discourage constant checking. Changing the watch strap emphasises its role as a fashion accessory, not just a device. Overall, the project aims to reduce phone dependence and reconnect individuals with the world beyond screens.

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