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The set of 2D photographic works emphasises the concept of multistable images, ranging from distorted human bodies to the imitation of a solar eclipse held by hands. It questions the confusion caused by the vision and the sequence of being, leading to a disruption of order.

While each generation refreshes, the heart turns to dust with nothing else remaining, life seems as dead as something long deceased. Thus, it paradoxically adheres to the notion of "stability". OMAKASE, as a cultural product of the capitalisation of traditional cuisine, is linked to the emphasis on the fate of individuals governed by social norms. It represents a culture finding a new form of stability. Yet, it brings no peace, meanwhile, the emphasis on a perspective that shaped my upbringing suggests that "people who refuse to follow the prevailing order can be seen as being abandoned by the generation".

The inspiration for this project came from the OMAKASE box. After photographing, the editing of human limbs and sushi ingredients aimed to create a landscape that expresses the individual's and society's lack of choice and place of belonging.

The entire editorial process addresses the dilemmas individuals face in social situations, the extinction of self, and self-determination. The final edition aimed to stimulate the idea of the chisel, differentiation, and repetition, portraying people as unconscious vessels, reflecting on the profound development of relationships between the photographic and the visual.

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