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1. Your background in interior design has led to a unique perspective in your art. How does your experience in interior design influence your approach to space art design and your exploration of the connections between fashion, design, and art?

A: My journey from architecture to interior and space design continually fuels my creativity. I frequently attend exhibitions and festivals, where the interplay of light, materials, and shadows inspires my expressive designs. This synthesis of design, fashion, and art informs my artistic perspective.

2. Shanghai is known as a global fashion centre. How does being based in this vibrant city impact your artistic vision and the themes you explore in your work?

A: Shanghai, as China's fashion capital, constantly births new trends, from Shanghai Fashion Week to the Shanghai Fashion Festival. This dynamic environment offers a wealth of inspiration. Frequent exposure to emerging concepts broadens my creative horizons.

3. Your work statement revolves around the number "7" and its evolution through different colours and stages of growth. Can you provide a critique of how colour symbolism adds depth and meaning to your art, and how it reflects your personal journey?

A: Colours symbolise unique personalities, and my creations reflect this diversity. From the dominance of blue, inspired by Klein Blue's purity and freedom during my formative years, to other hues representing distinct stages of my growth, colours convey the evolution of my identity and creativity.

4. The concept of "7" representing both your birthday and lucky number is fascinating. How does personal symbolism play a role in your artistic expression, and what significance does it hold in your creative process?

A: The enigmatic symbolism of "7" holds personal meaning, evoking feelings of love and making a lasting impression. Its charm lies in its ability to capture attention and affection from those I love, a sentiment that resonates deeply in my creative journey.

5. You mention that your inspiration initially comes from life, exploring lifestyle and discovering the art of life. Can you elaborate on how everyday life and experiences find their way into your art, and how they contribute to your unique artistic voice?

A: My artistic inspiration derives from the richness of everyday life, particularly through travel and engagement with diverse cultures. Conversations with locals during my journeys and visits to exhibitions infuse my work with fresh ideas and perspectives, shaping my unique artistic voice.

6. The keywords you've provided, such as "coffee," "light," "shadows," and "culture," offer a glimpse into your creative world. How do these elements influence your work, and could you provide a detailed review of their impact on your artistic practice?

A: Coffee, a daily ritual, jumpstarts my creativity each day. Focusing on light and shadows is essential to infuse spaces with artistic allure. Understanding culture is integral to my design process, as it forms the foundation of creating meaningful and impactful designs.

7. You express a growing attraction to diverse expressions in the arts. Could you discuss any specific artistic influences or experiences that have broadened your perspective and led to new directions in your work?

A: Pioneering architect Zaha Hadid's bold, colourful designs profoundly influenced my creativity, reinforcing the limitless nature of design. Additionally, the captivating work of artist Yayoi Kusama expanded my horizons, revealing the boundless possibilities within the realm of art.

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