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Huaiyi Du

This series of photographs is curated from different collections I've created in the past. Some explore the themes of dreams and memories, others delve into the perception of deja vu, while a portion depicts cognitive errors.

Throughout my creative process, I've consistently aimed to situate the contextual meaning of the images between reality and surrealism, to express abstract concepts like memory and emotions. These photographs represent my exploration of personal dreams and memories at different stages of my life. I believe that individual visual memories often distort original memories. For example, during sleep, real memories are continually reshaped and overlaid through dreams, and over time, these inaccurately conditioned memories tend to replace the original ones. I often believe that things I've seen in the past were a certain way, but often they are not. This conviction and reality often diverge. Once the boundaries of this reality become less tangible, perhaps ambiguity represents another aspect of the world.

Project Gallery

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