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Lindsay Yin

Immerse in Lindsay Yin's Pixel Artistry, where digital dots bridge the gap between reality and a pixelated future, reflecting our tech-immersed lives and environmental concerns.

Pixel is one of the basic concepts in the fields of Digital Image, Video, Computer Graphics, etc. It is the smallest unit of an image and is usually used to describe the resolution of a digital image. The mobile phone pictures and images we usually see are composed of such dots.

Pixels are dots in another sense, and today we use mobile phones and other electronic devices for more than seven hours a day on average, which means that we spend a lot of time in our lives immersed in the world of pixels.

The boundary between the real world and the pixel world is becoming more and more blurred...

And at the same time, pollutants such as nuclear wastewater are being released into the sea. The environment in which marine life and human reality are "immersed" is getting harsher by the day. Becoming a pixel may be the way out for our future...

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