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Xianjun Liu

While I was living and studying in Glasgow, I began exploring the theme of time through various projects since the pandemic period when everything felt up in the air -- no idea where we were headed or how things would turn out, and how everything stays and changes in the river of time.

As an expatriate living alone in a foreign country, loneliness and uncertainty are constant companions. I seek solace in nature and space. I immersed myself in capturing the beauty of the present moment -- be it the vibrant hues of a tree, the dance of falling leaves, or the tranquillity of a snowy landscape. These snapshots, akin to our memories, mirror the passage of time. As days blur into weeks, our recollections fade like photographs, a tapestry of colours and sensations that become increasingly elusive to rewind. These moments and feelings inspired me to create this project.

Project Gallery

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